Based on my 25 years of professional experience, I know that security is one of the most important and basic human needs. Even with the most modern security technology, in the end security is always achieved by people for people. That is why, when resolving security issues, I focus on the human aspect.



As a certified security and risk manager, I serve as a consultant for companies, organizations, public authorities, and private individuals when they wish to introduce and implement security concepts and security management systems on the basis of internationally recognized standards, in accordance with ISO 31000 and ONR 49000. I develop training and educational programs and also conduct seminars and training sessions.


In addition, I am interested in security research, the development of innovative security concepts and the practical implementation of internationally recognized security standards. For this reason I am also active in standardization work and university teaching.



Manfred Pinnegger B.Sc. M.A.


My Clients

Since 2010 I have been serving as a consultant to companies that want to establish high security standards for their employees and to protect their business operations. My clients need qualified security staff to protect their company and business sites. Based on my many years of experience in training staff for the most important Austrian companies that offer security guard services, my specialization is acting as a consultant to companies and individuals that require the services of highly qualified guards and security staff.

How I work

My focus is always on addressing the security concerns of my clients and ensuring their trust. My work is based on the values of discretion, timeliness and honesty.

I develop, implement and evaluate security solutions that are sustainable. When doing this, ensuring that the solutions function in everyday practice is of particular importance to me.

Because I have access to an extensive network of experts at national and international level, I am also able to provide advice to my clients when complex security issues, large projects, and specialized security requirements for individual cases are concerned.


What motivates me

 It is my aim to devise intelligent and sustainablesecurity solutions on the basis of the latest internationally recognized norms and security standards. When doing this, I think it is especially important to concentrate on the role played by people in security management systems. Human beings can always represent both positive security factors and negative risk factors. Therefore my work is aimed at designing processes, organizational structures and a security culture that minimize risk and the potential costs of resulting damage by ensuring that the people who work for you contribute actively to the security of your companies and organizations.